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“Programs at The Brooklyn Cottage are gems of concentrated insight and glee.”
–Flash Rosenberg, 2012 Guggenheim Fellow and former Artist-in-Residence, NYPL

“Jenny’s Grief & Gratitude workshop marked a very important day for me. I feel incredibly grateful that she gave me this opportunity. I have no words to describe the intensity of the peace and hope I felt when I left her home. She has a special gift for doing this. Thank you.”

–Violette M., Community Organizer
What’s been created at The Brooklyn Cottage is very special—a place for self-discovery and forgiveness and inclusion, with a high level of intellectual and artistic rigor. This combination is nearly unheard of in New York City.
—Iviva Olenick, artist

“Grief & Gratitude was cheaper than therapy, and priceless in terms of the impact it’s had on my ability to move on.”

–Eliza T. Writer

“This is what we want: to inspire people and be inspired, to be, and feel better, and have more awareness in our lives. And The Brooklyn Cottage gives it.”
–Carolina Bertoletto, Performance Artist and Spanish teacher

“Jenny’s Grief & Gratitude workshop was a game-changer for me. For the first time since my break-up of my marriage, I  am beginning to  re-frame my thinking about my marriage, separation & the future.
—Rochelle P., Nurse

“Jenny Douglas is an incubator of people’s sense of belonging and a nurturer of their emotional core.”
–Daniel Alpert, author of the New York Times best-selling “The Age of Oversupply.”

“The Brooklyn Cottage is one of the coolest venues in Brooklyn.”
–Louise Crawford, founder, Brooklyn Social Media

“Jenny Douglas is a non-denominational, inter-disciplinary evangelist of self-evolution.”
–Diery Prudent, Founder, Prudent Fitness

“The Grief & Gratitude experience was a real mitzvah for me.
Laura M., Journalist

“When I was 18 years old I stepped off of a curb in midtown Manhattan and got hit by a bus. My left leg eventually had to be amputated six inches below the knee. Looking back now I see how my accident went on to pave the way for numerous possibilities in my life. Like the possibility of meeting Jenny Douglas and being invited to attend events at The Brooklyn Cottage. From the moment I step through its front door until the moment I leave, the Brooklyn Cottage has been a welcoming space. I know I can come where and how I am. People from all walks of life are able to share what is on their minds, in their hearts and be listened to.”
–Margaret Westley, Writer

“New York City didn’t feel like home until I discovered The Brooklyn Cottage.”
–Maushmi Savjani, medical student

“Even though I’ve never attended a Brooklyn Cottage gathering, I feel like part of the family.”
–Robyn Smith, former director, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

“This is what Jenny Douglas was designed to do: gather people, inspire others, talk and write, share ideas, embrace the universe and spread her love. I’m lucky to be in her tent.”
–Nan Doyle, Founder, Toast Home Cooking

“I lived three blocks away from Jenny Douglas for twenty years and it’s likely that I passed her on the street a dozen times without knowing it. Thanks her setting up The Brooklyn Cottage, I now know Jenny and neighbors now know neighbors. The Brooklyn Cottage identifies the community–to the community.”
–Carol Hexner, Non-Profit Executive

“Jenny Douglas is the warm center, the one who brings us together, the connector. She is the vital heart of the community! She and generosity create that magic, which we come back for again and again, helping us to feel connected and no longer alone.”
–Alison Rona

“Jenny Douglas has provided a wonderful space and room for healing. We all have different stories and capacities, but when we come together it seems that everything is decidedly a little bit better. And I believe we are all comforted by the experience.”
–Joe Rydell, Psychotherapist

“The Brooklyn Cottage brings together different people from different walks of life. It may be one of the few places where young and old can share together.””
–Paul W., Energy Healer

“What I love about The Brooklyn Cottage website is that each of its program descriptions make me want to read more, and the way the visuals support a sense of entrance, welcome, and delicious permission. It is warm and brave and fresh and new all at once–and positive, yet honest. It has an overwhelming sense of invitation combined with delight and courage.

–Lynda Mapes, Knight Science Journalism Fellow, MIT

“Jenny has created such a tranquil, welcoming space at The Brooklyn Cottage, and her warmth made my workshop there restful. A big treat wrapped in a mini treat.”
–Nancy G., children’s book writer

“The Brooklyn Cottage is good for my soul.”
— TJ Young, comedian

“Jenny Douglas has established an amazingly warm, spiritual and vital venue. She deserves a bouquet of kudos.”
–Diana Raab, Author, “Lust”

“The Brooklyn Cottage is about strangers coming together to harness our vulnerability, and walking away from each each other as friends.”
–Megan Smith, Freelance Writer

“Each program The Brooklyn Cottage convenes is a brilliantly colored ribbon on a prayer wheel that Jenny Douglas is whirling around in her hands.”
–Rachel Bagby, Author, “Divine Daughters” & Musical Director for Desmond Tutu’s 21 Day Forgiveness Challenge

“I see The Brooklyn Cottage as being a soft place to land for so many creative souls, as it was okay for me the evening I walked in for a storytelling evening. Jenny Douglas’s warmth, brilliance, hospitality and inspirational words were such a gift in the midst of my east coast journey.”
–Katie Burke, San Francisco-based attorney

“The lessons I’ve learned from Jenny Douglas and The Brooklyn Cottage are many more then I can point my finger to, but I know I don’t to have it all figured out…it’s in the heart.”
–Shannon Brock, writer

“Jenny Douglas is such a treasure to the community of Brooklyn and beyond. She provides such a healthy, alternate way of seeing things in this crazy culture that we live in, and it’s much needed. The Brooklyn Cottage is an incredible thing.
–Sarah Prud’homme, Artist

“Jenny Douglas is a living testimony to creating change in one’s life. What she offers at The Brooklyn Cottage is true ‘soul food.’’”
–Marianne Gunter, Creative Art Therapist

“If the purpose of organized religion is to create a sense of community and fraternity among neighbors, then it seems to me that The Brookyn Cottage is a kind of temple.”
–Andrew Cohen, Artist & Filmmaker